Best Practices

Coming Fall 2020, an idea book for organizers of Juneteenth celebrations. Event host nationwide are invited to share creative, innovative activities for inclusion in this publication. While some towns have celebrated Juneteenth since its mid- nineteenth century, many others celebrations are just getting started. Let’s all help each other to create memorable celebrations.

Here’s what’s needed: Descriptions of events and activities that celebrate Juneteenth in a unique manner.

Here’s an example: In response to the COVID pandemic, the Juneteenth Planning Committee in Denton, Texas converted their annual parade into a treasure hunt. At a specific start time, decorated cars and floats roamed about a designated geographic area for thirty minutes. The town’s residents were encouraged to photograph all the parade units they could find. Pictures were posted on social media platforms. The resident that captured the most units won the hunt. The parade was unquestionably unique and lots of fun. Best of all, it attracted large participation without assembling a crowd.

Does your celebration have an unusual special Juneteenth event? Submit the details for potential inclusion. The submission deadline is August 31, 2020. The completed publication will be available on this site. There is no fee for inclusion and no compensation will be awarded for submissions accepted for publication. All event included will be fully credited to the person and or organization that shared the information. To share an idea, simply complete and submit the form below. Please provide a thorough explanation of the event, and know that all submissions are subject to editing for length and gramma.

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