Drum Major Tryouts

Got fierce, outlandish moves to showoff, but nowhere to flaunt them?

Good news! Opportunity is knocking.

An amazing drum major is the mascot and logo of the 2022 Juneteenth parade in Denton, Texas. Hence, parade organizers have launched a county-wide search for one, two or three highly energetic show-boaters to lead the parade. These symbolic icons will not direct an actual band. Rather, a giant boombox will “float” behind them, providing music for their unbelievable marching and dance routines. We’re not looking for dry, stiff, and stoic. Routine feet need not apply. This gig requires epic swag. Plus! Ya get p-a-i-d, baby!



Participants must either live, work or attend school in Denton County, Texas. Applicants must be high spirited, fun loving, animated, and able to excite a crowd, block after block, after block, after block. (The parade route is nearly 2 miles long. Can you handle that?)

No previous experience needed. No age, ethnicity or gender requirement. No height or weight requirement. Just march lively, dance hard, and keep it wild and thrilling.

Jackets, pants and hats will be provided. Participants must provide their own shoes, socks, and gloves.

How to Tryout

Sign-up to compete

  • Submit a registration form. Contestants under 18 years old must include a parental approval agreement.
  • Submit a short video of your marching and dance skills.

Collect votes

The winner of this contest will be selected by popular vote. Everyone, everywhere may vote for one or more entries. Got cousins in Africa, Australia and Asia? Yes, they too may vote. Contestants may recruit votes via social media, school announcements, or any other means available to them.

Dates to Remember

March 11Entry deadline
March 12 – 19Entry validations. A 3-member panel will determine eligibility of all entries.
March 20Eligible entries will be posted for public review. Public voting begins.
March 30Voting ends.
April 4Winner to be announced
June 18Parade Day

Important details

Entry videos may include one, two or three performers. All performers appearing in the winning video are expected to march in the parade. Substitutes are not allowed. If all members of the winning team cannot appear, the second place entry will march. NOTE: Prize money will be awarded to the individual or team that appears in the parade.

Video should be one-minute. Video’s longer then one minute will be decreased. All footage after the first minutes will be eliminated.

Music accompaniment is not required, but highly recommended. Contestants may select any accompaniment, but should avoid songs with lyrics that may be considered offensive. The safest idea is to include music without lyrics or a drumline recording.

Parade coordinators will select music to be used during the parade. The winning contestant(s) must create their own choreography.

A link to the voting site will be provided to all contestants 24 hours before voting begins. All entries become the property of Juneteenth University.

CLICK HERE for tryout registration



THIRD PARTICIPANT, if applicable

For more information, email: parade@arisingtogether.com

This contest is a JEDI event (i.e.: Just, Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive.) EVERYONE who lives, works, or attends school in Denton County, Texas is eligible to participate regardless of their chosen or assigned identities.