Best Texas Emancipation Flag

Honor Freedom! Join the fun!

The Best Texas Emancipation Flag contest is a just-for-fun competition celebrating Texas Emancipation Day in Denton County, Texas.

Everyone who lives, works or attends school in Denton County may compete. Contest entries will be displayed at several Denton County libraries and posted on this website. The winning design will be professionally produced, and exhibited at various Denton County Juneteenth events. Upon completion of the 2022 Juneteenth holiday festivities, the flag will be retired, and awarded to the designer.

  1. An entry consist of one original design of a flag that celebrates or commemorates freedom, personal independence, and/or the end of slavery.
  2. Everyone who lives, works or attends school in Denton County is eligible to submit an entry.
  3. Each contestant may submit up to three entries.
  4. Contestants may compete individually or as a two-member team. Both team members must be listed on the entry form. IMPORTANT: If one team member is determined to be ineligible for any reason, the team’s entry will be disqualified.
  5. If a team entry wins, the prize (a flag) will be awarded to both members.
  6. Any combination of colors may be used, including black and white.
  7. Designers retain copyright and patent rights to their design. However, by submitting an entry, the winning contestant(s) grant Juneteenth University the right to replicate the winning entry at will, without notifying the designer(s).
  8. Designs may not include derogatory symbols or offensive words.
  9. Designs determined to be duplicates of existing flags, or that closely resemble existing flags may be disqualified. The decision to disqualify will be made solely by a 3-member eligibility panel. The panel’s decision is final and may not be contested.
  10. All non-winning entries may be resubmitted in subsequent competitions.
  11. Entry must include a brief explanation of the design.
  12. The winning designer(s) will be acknowledged at the opening ceremony of the Denton Juneteenth Parade. Winning designers are expected to participate in the ceremony.
Oct 18Contest begins.
Jan 22Entry deadline.
Feb 5-28Voting period. All eligible entries posted on this website.
April 7Winner to be announced on this website
June 1-19Flag available for display at Denton County Juneteenth events
June 1-19All entries displayed at select Denton area libraries
June 18Flag raising at Denton Juneteenth Parade opening ceremony
June 20Flag retired
  1. On the entry template, draw or paint a 6″ x 10″ flag using any combination of colors or black and white. IMPORTANT NOTE: The flag manufacturer will attempt to replicate the colors you choose, but cannot guarantee that the colors will be exact. Any median may be used (e.g., paint, Crayola, pencil, computer generated, etc.) Entries that do not comply with the required dimensions will be disqualified.
  2. If the entry is a team submission, list both designers on the entry form.
  3. Scan your entry. For best results, scan with high resolution. Cell phone photos of teh form may be submitted, but are discouraged because the resolution may be too low, lighting may be unbalanced, and the design may become misshaped if not properly framed. That could result in disqualification, as any entry that does not comply with the exact measurements will be disqualified. (NOTE: Free scanners are available at the public libraries.)
  4. The design received will not be adjusted, altered or polished to meet qualifications. What you submit is what will be judged.
  5. Email your scan to: In the subject space, write “Flag contest entry – (contestant’s name)” In the message field provide a brief explanation of the design, including meaning of symbols and colors.
  6. If a teacher, organization, etc., submits multiple entries, each entry must be submitted via separate email.

The winning design will be determined by popular vote. Anyone may vote electronically for one or more entries, including Juneteenth celebrants with no connection to Denton County. Voting begins on February 5, 2022 and ends at midnight, February 28, 2022. Results will be posted no sooner than 48 hours after the voting ends. The contest host will announce when voting begins. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the finalist to solicit 250 endorsement more than the number of opposition votes.

The winning designer(s) will receive a professionally manufactured 3′ x 5′ reproduction of the winning design. The flag will be formally presented to the public, and raised at the Opening Ceremony of the Denton Juneteenth Parade. The flag will be displayed at various Juneteenth events in Denton County.

Is this contest divided by age groups?

The 2022 contest is not divided. However, beginning 2023, children up to age 17 will compete during even numbered years, and adults 18 and over will compete during odd numbered years.

Is there an entry fee?


Will copies of the winning flag be available for purchase?

The contest sponsor plans to manufacture only three copies of the winning flag. The design owners must authorize additional copies.

Where will the opening ceremony occur?

Denton Courthouse on the Square.

Are dovetail and other flag shapes acceptable?

No. Only rectangular designs may be entered. The size must be 6″ x 10″.

Are 2-sided flags allowed? (i.e.: different design on each side)?

No. The nationally popular Juneteenth flag will be featured on the back of the winning design.

The winning flag will be available for display at emancipation celebrations in Denton County, Texas. To display the flag at your event please submit a request via email to:

Board of Directors, Juneteenth University, Inc.

This contest is a JEDI event (i.e.: Just, Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive.) EVERYONE who lives, works, or attends school in Denton County, Texas is eligible to participate regardless of their chosen or assigned identities.