Greekfest – I

Greekfest is a fantastic new addition to Denton’s Juneteenth Parade. The name was selected by popular vote in a poll that was open to everyone. The festival is a “flash” event for members of NPHC organizations, their families, and friends. It promises to be lots of fun, but it will last only 2 hours and 37 minutes. That’s one minute for every year since emancipation.

Highlights of this free event include:

  • Delicious food. Food trucks will offer a variety of great lunch meals.
  • The perfect spot to view the Denton Juneteenth Parade.
  • An the debut of Living Timeline, an amazing Black history game. The prize is $250 for a NPHC youth auxiliary organization or scholarship.


Living Timeline is a two-part activity involving 494 volunteers. That’s one person for each year starting with 1528 – when the first enslaved African was recorded in what is now Texas – through 2022. Participants representing the slavery years will march the entire parade route. Participants representing years since emancipation will assemble at Greekfest.

Each observer will receive a card with nine randomly selected dates. Cardholders must find their respective numbers, and acquire autographs. Sound easy? Here’s the catch. Each “number wearer” will have one fact to share regarding what happened during their year. Players must recite all facts they acquire before acquiring a new fact. Simply stated, completing a card requires collecting and remembering nine facts.

The game begins when the festival begins and ends with the parade passes Greekfest. At that point, the number wearers will join the parade in chronological order.

A drawing will be held after all completed cards have been submitted. Incomplete cards are not eligible for the drawing. The winner will be announced immediately after the drawing. The award will be acknowledged at the parade’s award ceremony in Fred Moore Park.