It’s Official!

The Patterson Flag is Juneteenth University’s first Texas Emancipation Day flag. The flag is named after its designer, 8-year old McKenzie Patterson of Lewisville, Texas. Beginning June 1, 2022, the flag will be displayed at a variety of Juneteenth events in Denton County, Texas. The flag was selected after a four-month competition to acquire a unique design for local commemorations of Texas Emancipation Day and Juneteenth National Independence Day, both known as Juneteenth.

The nationally popular Juneteenth flag that originated in Boston is displayed on the back side of the Patterson flag. Together, the two designs uniquely exhibit local identity and solidarity with Juneteenth celebrations nationwide.

The paramount purpose of Juneteenth University’s flag competition was to creatively expand public awareness, participation, and inclusiveness in Denton County’s Juneteenth observances. That goal was accomplished not only through soliciting entry submissions, but also through the selection process. To win this honor, McKenzie’s design had to earn a minimum of 250 endorsements above any rejections acquired. That lofty goal was accomplished and significantly surpassed. Her design earned votes from 22 states, plus Mexico and Australia.

Here is McKenzie’s entry.

The Patterson flag was first displayed at the Denton County Commissioner’s Court on April 12, 2022. That day, an official county proclamation was issued to McKenzie by the County Judge Andy Eades. The proclamation was accepted by representatives of Juneteenth University and later presented directly to McKenzie at her school in front of the entire third grade, their teachers, administrators, and parents. The following is list of sites where the flag will appear.

On June 20th, the Patterson Flag will be retired and presented to its creator. Simultaneously, the 2023 flag contest will begin.

McKenzie and her father with JW, mascot of Juneteenth University. McKenzie is holding a proclamation issued by Denton County Commissioner’s Court in her honor. JW is the first animated mascot created in honor of the United States Colored Troops.