Royalty Registry

Salute your Juneteenth Crowned Heads by including them in the Juneteenth Royalty Registry 2020, a fun Who’s Who Among Juneteenth Royalty. Interested? Hurry! Click here for complete details. Hurry! Up to 50 monarchs will be featured. To reserve space, complete the form below. Inclusion is free. By reserving space or submitting material for publication, all persons responsible for the participating pageants understand that no payment will be made to participants or photographers for selection and inclusion.

The 2020 Juneteenth Royalty Registry will be posted no sooner than five days before Juneteenth 2020. After reviewing details about inclusion, if additional information is needed please use the Juneteenth University contact form.


It is our hope that this unique publication will be issued annually, and include only the royalty of a specific year. However, since Mr. COVID has so rudely inserted himself into Juneteenth’s realm this year, we welcome the inclusion of pageant winners from 2019 – representing celebrations where 2020 pageants have been cancelled.

Space Reservation Form