Juneteenth Brain Brawl

Like trivia?

Challenge friends to a Jeopardy-based emancipation knowledge joist.

How to play:

  1. Rounds may be played in any order. Game may be played by a single person, two or more individuals, or teams. Determine the order of play.
  2. Click any start button. A game board will open in a separate window.
  3. First player (or team) selects a category and value. Click on the chosen block. A question will appear. After responding, press the space bar. An answer will appear. If the answer is correct, record the points earned.
  4. Before beginning, decide how to advance. Example: The second player or team may select a block, or the previous team may keep playing until an incorrect answer is given. This game is for your entertainment. You decide what rules are appropriate for you.

Scoring keeping is not electronic. Blocks deactivate after answers are revealed. Game will NOT disappear after all blocks are played. To play another round, return to this window. Before beginning the game, decide additional rules according to what suits your preference. Examples: Does the first player continue until an incorrect answer is given? Will points be deducted for incorrect answers? Should categories be selected for the opposing team? Etc. This game is based on the popular Jeopardy game, but those rules do not have to apply here. This game is for your entertainment. Use whatever rules create the most fun for you.