Parade Inclusion Application

The following information is required to be considered for inclusion in the 2023 Denton Juneteenth Parade. Description does not have to be exact, but it must provide a relatively accurate explanation. Approval is granted to the proposed entry, not the sponsor. Therein, units that fail to resemble the approved proposal will be disqualified for inclusion on parade day. Float descriptions should include float title, size, design explanation, number of people on the float and number of people escorting the float on foot. Equestrian units should mention number of animals, parade attire, hitch (if applicable), etc. Promotional Vehicles should describe the vehicle. NOTE: Vehicles without entertainment value will be denied. Walking units should include number of walkers, attire, entertainment value, etc. Performance units should include name of group (if different from organization), number of performers, musical genre to be performed (if applicable), marching or riding, etc. The deadline for submitting this form is May 31, 2023. Applications received after that date will be considered only if space remains available, or if an accepted participant withdraws.