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Juneteenth 101: Popular Myths and Forgotten Facts is often called “The Juneteenth Textbook.”  

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Juneteenth is an exceptionally important celebration of emancipation in the United States.  Unfortunately, its origin is shrouded by inaccuracies and myths.    Juneteenth 101 examines 15 of the most commonly held myths.  also included are analyses of Juneteenth’s commercialization, schoolbook misinformation, and the African American watermelon dilemma.  The book’s 222 pages are crammed with Juneteenth trivia.

Here is a taste of the offerings.  Did you know…

  • Texans slave-holders received news of the Emancipation Proclamation at the same time slave-holders elsewhere received it.
  • Only the enslaved Africans in Galveston County were freed on June 19th.  Emancipation elsewhere began on June 20th.
  • After only a few hours of freedom, many (possibly the majority) of Galveston’s freedmen were forced back into slavery for nearly three months.



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